Reset Your Money Blueprint - 7 Step Plan

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Have you ever wondered why some people become wealthy and others spend their lives struggling?

Your mindset, beliefs, attitude and behaviour around money are extremely significant influencers when it comes to your wealth - In other words your MONEY BLUEPRINT.

Your MONEY BLUEPRINT is developed from an early age and becomes ingrained and accepted in your subconscious mind as being true. 

It is a powerful contributing factor to your financial situation and is programmed either for succes or struggle.

Is Your Blueprint Enabling Your To Live The Life You Want?


  • The 7 Powerful Steps To Reset Your Money Blueprint 
  • How To Eliminate Old Beliefs That Are Blocking Your Financial Success
  • How To Create A Mindset That Promotes Wealth Creation
  • Habbits That Will Reinforce Your New Money Blueprint
  • Ways To Create An Environment That Will Propel Your Financial Success

Hi, I'm Marisa Punshon and I help people transform their personal finance, mindset and management around money. 

My passion for empowering people around their finances has enabled me to be part of some exciting ventures including being a My Prosperity Partner and Vision Partner for The Entourage. I have also had the amazing opportunity to be featured in the media world wide around money mindset and management.

Are You Ready To Reprogram Your Blueprint?

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